Our motto is “KNOWLEDGE – TECHNOLOGY – SERVICE” which is more than just mantra.  Our core personnel have wide-ranging career and personal backgrounds that contribute to our knowledge.  From backgrounds in land use development, law, banking, insurance, customer service and education, our staff excels at keeping current with the ever-changing nature of the title industry, real estate, generally, and property transactions.  This knowledge not only facilitates accurate transactions, but serves as a great resource for our clients who frequently look to our staff for guidance, options and solutions in challenging transactions.  Offering options and crafting solutions distinguishes Infinity Title from its competitors.



Knowledge is the key to success in any endeavor, and insuring title is no exception. Infinity strives to stay abreast of the ever-changing arenas of the real estate market, the finance industry and the law.  Infinity employees undergo rigorous training and attend continuing education courses to ensure competence in every transaction, from residential to commercial purchases, leases and refinances.  The staff is comprised of individuals with diverse background and experience ranging from land use to the law and everything in between!  Additionally, Infinity is backed by the knowledge of the First American underwriting and legal staff for handling complex issues and arriving at solutions to ensure a smooth closing.

Infinity extends its knowledge to our customers through useful handouts, seminars and presentations keeping them up-to-date and ensuring a strong partnership between Infinity and our clients.


Infinity’s goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best.  At the heart of our operation is a technology infrastructure that enables Infinity to extend the maximum benefit of available resources to our clients.  

Operating through a web-based system, Infinity representatives can access the entirely of Infinity’s technical resources from any PC connection.  Out-of-office closings are seamless on state-of-the-art laptops with wireless Bluetooth print technology and anywhere connectivity.   All settlement files are scanned for permanent archive and instant retrieval for maximum efficiency & service.  Wherever supported in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, documents are electronically recorded with policy often issued within 2 weeks of closing, allowing Infinity to be among the best in achieving post-closing compliance with lenders and attorneys.   

For our technology-oriented clients, on-line ordering and file monitoring is available allowing 24-hour, password protected access to files and documents, in addition to the helpful tools available to anyone on our website, including title rate, transfer tax and mortgage payment calculators.


Infinity Title is known for its “red carpet” service that is proudly given to all of our clients on all transactions, large and small alike.  Resting on the knowledge and technology that is the main framework of the company, customer service flows naturally.

Infinity delivers quick-turnaround times, electronic delivery of commitment documents and preliminary HUD-1 settlement statements, in-house examination of title abstracts, in-house processing and in-house policy production, none of which is sub-contracted out to other companies in other states or countries.  All closings are handled by licensed title insurance producers whether in-office or at a  client’s home.  Our focus is title, which means our focus is you.  We take service seriously.


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