The ability to provide options and solutions is enhanced by the strong technological backbone of the company.   Utilizing a web-based platform, agency representatives can access the entirety of the company’s database from any internet connection. Files can be accessed, e-mailed, faxed, changed, created, updated and prepared from anywhere.  For commercial and government clients, this level of access results in unprecedented efficiency, for example:  an entire Pro Forma Policy can be generated right at the closing table, complete with endorsements, based on the documents provided to the settlement agent.  This technology is further complemented by state-of-the art laptops and Bluetooth cordless printers that enable closings to take place in any location that meets the clients’ needs.  

Further, participating in the electronic recording portals wherever supported, closing documents are recorded within one to two business days of closing and the final policy issued within one to two weeks of closing.  Post-closing compliance is another realm where Infinity Title is distinguishable from its competitors, largely because of the technology facilities available to the staff.  Beyond electronic recording purposes, all files are scanned for fast document retrieval and access, and is available 24-7 to clients desiring online access through password protected web-interface.  Clients can access pre-closing, closing and post-closing documents through our site, all in .pdf format that can be downloaded, printed, e-mailed, saved or faxed from the client’s personal computer or smartphone.  

Although the focus is often on closing, many crucial aspects of the closing are complete long before the closing table is reached.  Through the examining and processing departments, headed by in-house counsel, all abstracts and searches are examined in-house by New Jersey licensed title insurance producers.   Examinations are not performed “plant-style,” meaning they are not based on proprietary databases maintained by large search companies.  Each and every exam is researched at the county by abstractors whose experience is with that county, and the results are examined at Infinity Title, by Infinity Title personnel who then generate the commitment to insure.  Examining and commitment issuance is not sub-contracted overseas as is the case with numerous competitors and underwriter direct operations. We know our commitments, our properties, our clients and work.

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